Expand Sales Channels to Keep Output Value Undiminished

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Since ADSS resumed work and production in February, the company has made every effort to accelerate production. While ensuring the supply of existing orders, it has actively explored the domestic medical aesthetic market, accelerated product upgrading, and innovation, and strived to ensure that the annual output value does not decrease. Since mid-March, the company has fully returned to normal production.


In the face of the adverse impact of the sharp drop in international orders compared with previous years, ADSS has actively explored the domestic market and has now established cooperative relationships with Chongyang County Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Hubei and Luliang City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanxi. As a leader in the independently developed medical aesthetic equipment industry, ADSS has further increased the investment in research and development this year, the R&D team is working hard to improve and consolidate the products and newly launching Legenda and other medical aesthetic devices. Currently, we are actively making the product quality the best and promoting the market to ensure the completion of the established sales tasks throughout the year. Meanwhile, ADSS has recently introduced 6 new mask machines to transfer part of its production capacity to the production of disposable and N95 masks, which will all be put into use after commissioning, with a daily output of 550,000 masks.

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