We Are Looking for Excellent SPA Owner or Distributor

We Are Looking for Excellent SPA Owner or Distributor

ADSS is a leading brand of beauty machines founded in 2005. Widest range of top quality products are why we started sharing with you. Since we began in 2005, regional distribution partners have played a crucial role in promoting and supporting the sale of our products in their local markets. We are proud to have built a growing network of great distribution partners extending ADSS products to a larger number of countries around the world, and we are already to be readily available to as many of our clients as possible. We are currently inviting more cooperating partners to join us as our distributors, to enable us to promote our products to new markets. By joining us you will gain access to more than the exclusive discounts as well as the first-class technology and comprehensive service supports we provide.

ADSS is not just supplying equipment, we are also a perfect working partner for spa owners and beauticians to improve and boost their business. A perfectly balanced synergy of safe technology, stylish design and deep understanding of marketing for our successful beauty business development that leads to stable and increasing profitability. We have loyal cooperating partners from all over the world: the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Iran, etc.

We also have our own industrial park covering an area of up to 160,000,00㎡ with independent property rights and more than 300 employees. The capable team has built a solid foundation for our powerful factory manufacturing ability, large orders affordable. After our unremitting efforts, we have gained a number of domestic and international medical certificates for our different equipment, such as (TUV) CE(European Union), (TUV) ISO 13485,FDA,Utility Model Patent Certificate, and Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate, Permits for Medical Device Production Enterprises and High-Tech Enterprise Certificate.

Except competitive price our distributors can also gain:


Time really is money, and your time is too valuable to waste. ADSS provides the latest technology, backed by real-time customer service assistance, to help you save every minute.

1.Save time on product searching, we provide the most complete set of beauty equipment in the beauty industry.

2.Get quotes faster to order easily and quickly. You will be in direct contact with our technicians so that you can always be informed of all our newest projects, upgrades and promotions..

3.Minimize turnaround times, we carry stocks from our own factory which ensures our delivery times are very short.


Today’s distributor must maximize profits by investing smarter, minimize shipping costs, and reduce turnaround times for improved cash flow. ADSS offers the ability and experience to help you improve your business

1.Factory directly wholesale to minimize the cost on serving middleman.

2.Without any expensive shipping, hidden or special costs.

3.Enjoy preferential purchasing prices unique to agents, making it easier to sell and better value for money.


A knowledgeable distributor can solve problems for you and help clients sell more. You can depend on ADSS for both quality products and technical knowledge to help you meet your clients’ needs in every step!

1.Clinical operating guidance from experienced beauticians.

2.Advice from professional marketing specialists.

3.Real-time theoretical teaching and technical guidance.


We will give you as more the multiple channels of technical, marketing, and service supports as we can, offering you the best chance in the market.

1.Expert advice for business strategy and marketing questions.

2.Free introduction videos, product manuals, marketing pictures and brochures etc.

3.We will provide you with all the necessary training to understand the workings of our machines.

ADSS is dedicated to creating innovative beauty machines that put our distributors stand out among other competitors. Our company evolves with the latest market trends and develops cutting edge technology that keeps us among the best in our field.We strive to predict the next new breakthrough in the market and to create a product able to keep up to date with the latest technology. We love innovation and collaboration. And we are passionate to offer you the opportunity to join us as a distributor. Are you ready to join our large international family and move towards success with us? Complete the form below with your details and our manager will get back to you soon.

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