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Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd.(ADSS) established in July 2005, is the pioneering medical & aesthetic laser equipment manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of medical aesthetic equipment. Covering a total area of 160,000㎡, headquartered in Beijing with branches around the world, ADSS owns the world-class top production and research base, located in the scenic Gu'an Industrial Park. ADSS has ranked No.1 in the annual export volume and the total output value of medical aesthetic equipment in the field of optoelectronics in China and is listed among the most influential medical aesthetic machine manufacturers globally.

ADSS After-sales service
ADSS After-sales service

Based on the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry, with professional R&D capabilities as the core, ADSS has been deeply involved in the aesthetic industry for more than 20 years and is committed to providing customers with more cost-effective, safety-guaranteed, and more stable performance aesthetic equipment. Among all aesthetic machine manufacturers in China, ADSS is the only one capable of completely independently developing power supply and control systems. ADSS products are accumulatively exported to more than 160 countries around the world, creating great value for millions of customers !

By strictly controlling the product quality, ADSS has passed ISO13485 international quality management system certification, obtained product certifications such as CE, TGA, and FDA, as well as plentiful design patent certifications. With the perfect combination of a variety of unique and advanced aesthetic techniques, ADSS developed products consisted of multiple ranges of aesthetic machines widely targeting all skincare concerns and problems in different regions, ages, and races, including fat reduction, body slimming, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, skin lifting, skin care, skin cleansing, anti-aging, skin analysis, and other series of products. ADSS has won an international reputation widely praised by customers for its excellent product quality and considerate service all over the world.

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ADSS After-sales service
ADSS After-sales service

All ADSS staff strive for excellence, keep moving on, and win the trust of customers with high-quality service and professional technical strength. ADSS always adheres to the market-oriented, committed to offering safe, stable, and efficient medical aesthetic machines & solutions to customers, aiming to be a world-famous brand! ADSS is willing to cooperate with you to build a successful business and jointly create a prosperous future for the medical aesthetic industry!

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Our journey to invent the future of aesthetic


Establishment and Growth

  • 1. Established corporate culture and brand mission, built a unified process system and organizational structure, and achieved an efficient and compliant product life-cycle.
  • 2. Obtained ISO13485 quality management system certification and EU medical CE certification.
  • 3. Participated in large-scale aesthetic expos in different countries such as Morocco, Japan, Italy, Germany, Dubai, Australia, Mexico, and the United States, etc., greatly developed a wide range of international markets.

Improvement and Acceleration

  • 1. Built the first domestic laser cleaning laboratory, equipped with technical testing laboratories, dust-free workshops, and adherence to strict quality standards.
  • 2. Independently developed a complete set of core power control systems, and completed the development and listing of multiple equipment projects.
  • 3. Set up branches in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Japan, with cumulative sales exceeding 30,000 units.

Innovation and Revolution

  • 1.Built an exclusive industrial park covering an area of 160,000㎡ and put into production successfully, and the R&D team was expanded to 60 technical skilled engineers.
  • 2.Numerous products obtained FDA certification. Achieved the major transformation and upgrade from the single product series to the total solutions.
  • 3.Introduced dozens of automated machining equipment and laser cutting equipment, with a monthly production capacity of 10,000 units.

Development and Enhancement

  • 1.Set up the global business school and the optoelectronic training center to build a rich talent team and an efficient complete one-stop procurement service system.
  • 2.Accumulatively obtained 60 design patents and 12 utility model patent certificates issued by China National Intellectual Property Administration, and rated as a national high-tech enterprise by the government.
  • 3.Reasonably optimized and adjusted product strategies, deployed modern marketing strategies and operation models, and expanded the business scope to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Upgrading and Leap

  • 1.Continue to promote product R&D projects, product iterations, and technological innovation.
  • 2.Stabilize the foundation of globalization strategy, and continuously explore and enhance core competitiveness with consistent innovation and enthusiasm.
  • 3.Strive to help more global business customers to maintain market leadership, deliver outstanding results, and stay ahead of the competition within the industry through offering more high-quality products, innovative technologies, cutting-edge designs, and services.

Always keep leading in technology
and service

Focus makes professional


Backed by science and innovation, ADSS offers the most cutting-edge technologies and maintains the highest standards of excellence to provide the best services without any worries from clients. .

1.Well experienced in the industry — Years of brand accumulation

Since its inception, ADSS has been practicing, progressing, honing the specialty, and building, exploring, researching the expertise over the years. Backed by more than 20 years of OEM/ODM service experience, ADSS technical engineer team continuously improves techniques and has been providing top aesthetic equipment quality and one-stop full-service for clients to boom their businesses through continuously developing and producing pieces of well-designed and quality aesthetic devices with leading-edge technologies. Long-standing success is based on quick response to clients' needs and consistent remarkable quality. By unremittingly extending the reach and capacity, ADSS is committed to the successes of more customers' businesses by focusing on their different types of customized processing needs, unremittingly improving customer satisfaction, maintaining long-term friendly cooperative relations with hundreds of well-known agents and distributors, winning unanimous praise and enjoying a good reputation from more than 160 countries and regions globally.

2.Fully automated industrial chain - Strong production capacity

ADSS is the only independent supplier in China that can truly one-stop deliver your entire order, with a monthly production capacity of 10,000 units. ADSS relies on advanced new product research and development process, introduces automatic machining equipment and laser cutting equipment, and realizes high-precision sheet metal manufacturing and welding capabilities, from raw materials to finished products, without manual intervention, to ensure the automation and refinement of the production process, and the standardization of production specifications. Additionally, R&D production floors are constructed and optimized equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for safety and efficiency, ensuring the broadest sets of certifications and full in-house testing capabilities. ADSS has developed 18 series of featured products and feasible solutions for diverse applications and scales through constant innovation and breakthroughs, besides earning a good reputation for innovation and breakthroughs in the aesthetic field.

3.Core independent innovation and R&D capability

Having been taking the technological independent innovation and improving the core hard power, ADSS has obtained the broadest sets of international certifications, including 60 design patents and 12 utility model patent certificates. ADSS owns a world-class R&D team and laboratory and uses the world's most cutting-edge technology to independently develop a series of advanced equipment systems and core power control technologies. With breakthrough innovative technologies, it quickly occupies the market and leads a new generation of medical aesthetic lasers. The core capabilities of ADSS sit in the worlds of R&D and manufacturing of medical aesthetic equipment. In years to come, ADSS will unceasingly take advantage of the rich experience and core competitiveness accumulated over these years, and promote the development by achieving innovative development strategic objectives.

4.Implement strict product standards - International standards

ADSS regards quality as the lifeblood of the group and strictly controls the product quality and processing. As of now, ADSS has passed ISO13485 international quality management system certification and obtained a number of product certifications such as CE, TGA and FDA. ADSS invariably implements the modern management system, supervises and inspects work according to the strict evaluation mechanism, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of products, fundamentally setting up the concept of quality first. Simultaneously, it is equipped with professional testing laboratories, dust-free workshops, and high and low temperature laboratories to detect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of electronic equipment. ADSS can completely solve various types of laser problems independently and ensure that all products are 100% qualified, safe, and effective. In line with international certification standards, strict quality management is carried out in all links from research and development, production, assembly, and testing to packaging.

5.Professional training system and perfect after-sales service

As a leading manufacturer in China's aesthetic market, ADSS has established the global business school and the optoelectronic training center, which consist of a professional consultant team composed of excellent doctors and senior aesthetic tutors in the industry, providing customers with high-quality online and offline one-on-one guidance throughout the process. From product theoretical knowledge, clinical training, and operation instructions, to profitable customer expansion and marketing plans, ADSS will share professional skills and valuable experience with every customer with the greatest sincerity. After the training, ADSS still guarantees continuous after-sales support, covering a 2-year warranty, 7*24 online customer service, free system upgrades, product maintenance services, etc. to help clients meet business challenges and maximize business income, all of which are based on the most expert sales team and after-sales service team, particularly the worldwide distribution network.

5 Minutes of Company Overview

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