We guarantee to bring you a unique experience, full of security and certainty.

ADSS After-sales service

We guarantee the confidence we have in our teams.

There is nothing more intuitive than the on-site demonstration. We will hold exhibitions or training sharing conferences in various countries from time to time to communicate with you face to face.

We also have a renewal plan.

We trust our equipment, whether new or used for many years.

We guarantee the most professional after-sales service.

You can always contact our company's specialized after-sales service staff. Our team will professionally answer all questions about the equipment at any time. No need to worry about anything, we are always by your side.

We have a total of 100+ after-sales service stations worldwide.

We will provide you with two free system upgrades and machine maintenance services from professional engineers every year.

We hope to do our best to make you always feel accompanied.

ADSS After-sales service
ADSS After-sales service

We guarantee that you will never be left behind.

We provide you with specialized training so that you can make the most of your equipment and you can understand the innovations we have developed before anyone else.

Provide the clinical guide and operation instruction;

Provide the lifelong technical instruction and counseling;

We will communicate intensively with you.

With ADSS, we guarantee that you will not just get a device...