Free Training

ADSS offers complimentary one-on-one training after the purchase of all ADSS equipment.

We are always striving to provide all beauty businesses with the opportunity to experience the latest in cutting-edge aesthetic technology. Our mission is on superior quality and innovation delivered at the best possible price. With the necessary beauty machines and skills, to keep you abundantly successful in the aesthetic industry. Our extensive equipment range, flexible financing and gold standard customer service ensure you are receiving the best that the industry has to offer.

Salons, spas, clinics and agents group of all sizes and industry expertise can experience a superior level of personalized service, expert business development advice and ongoing customer support when investing in the latest treatment technology with our team of more than 40 passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals. We provide unlimited post-class support, so that you have the access to contact us at any point-in-time with any questions or concerns.

Do you want to become a part of the thriving market for aesthetic laser machines and expand the services you currently offer? ADSS can help you go through all the important steps in picking the equipment, full training on how to use, customer service and marketing for your business.

With all ADSS equipment, you receive:

- User manuals

- Customized treatment protocols

- Recommendations for each technique

- Marketing materials to improve your business and promote your new service

- Social media kit for your Instagram and FaceBook pages.

Three training services we provide for your business:

Clinical support

Running a successful beauty business is no small feat and comes with its fair share of joys, as well as challenges. Our excellent clinical support service is our way of helping you smoothly manage the day to day operations of your salon, spa, clinic or agent team while minimizing stress, maximizing productivity and ensuring clinical treatments are carried out in a professional and effective manner.

1.Detailed FAQs accessible anytime and anywhere on ADSS official website

2.Qualified treatment protocols for the smooth running of your aesthetic services

3.Clinical research data and skin care guides

4.Irregular world tour sharing conference

Equipment training

At ADSS, we include comprehensive world-class training programs with the purchase of your device whether it be an laser hair removal machine, HIFU device or picosecond equipment. This is to ensure you get up and running with confidence when performing your new aesthetic treatments, allowing you to deliver the best possible service for your clients.

1.Face to face practical and consultation training

2.Learning in our bright and modern training school

3.Certificate approved upon completion

4.Retraining courses for system upgrades

Technical assistance

Our technical support team is always there for your every step of the way with a highly responsive ongoing service designed to ensure that the continuous operation of your treatment technology can be always running at peak performance. It also means that even in the rare case that there is a technical malfunction, our team enable you to get on with business as usual with minimal disruption.

1.Access to timely phone support

2.Local engineers to provide wide help

3.Troubleshooting video guidance

4.Free spare parts provision service

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All for good result — Let ADSS machine be your most powerful assistant!