Concerted efforts to fight against Global COVID-19

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On the afternoon of August 6, ADSS Group's Logistics Manager and Production Manager, together with a group of front-line production staff, donated 200,000 masks to the teachers and students of the No. 8 Middle School in Langfang City, Hebei Province, adding more heart-warming power for the school to battle against the epidemic.


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Loving donations convey love, create hope, and harvest virtue. Masks are the important material protection guarantee for epidemic prevention and control, and schools have high requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and there is also more demand for prevention and control materials. As an enterprise with 15 years of brand precipitation, ADSS Group adheres to the most advanced technology, strictly controls product quality, and continuously improves service quality. At the same time, we are always enthusiastic about public welfare, insisting on the enterprise spirit of "practice public welfare and better the world", actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities, and doing our part to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, providing help for teachers and students in schools as much as we can.

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