Skin Analysis Machine

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  • Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine
  • Intelligent Skin Analyzer
  • Intelligent Skin Tester.
  • Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine
  • Intelligent Skin Analyzer
  • Intelligent Skin Tester.

Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

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Introduction of Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

When you have a skin analysis, your skin is observed up close to determine its condition and the best possible treatments for it. Conditions including congested, oily, dull, dry, aging, sensitive, and red skin become apparent under the light. Wrinkles and fine lines also become easier to see. Here at KazemAesthetica, we encourage you to learn more about the workings and benefits of a skin analysis.

During a skin analysis, your skin will be evaluated for roughness, smoothness, bumps, breakouts, extreme dryness, firmness, redness, and more. You will be informed as to what is positive regarding your skin and what conditions can be improved. You may be asked questions prior to any type of treatment being recommended. If there is anything your esthetician believes may require a dermatologist, you will be informed.

Working Theory of Intelligent Skin Analyzer

Skin analysis system give a new definition of skin care. Analysis system delivers a significantly ‘improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations.

pdated software allows faster image capture with automatic skin type classification,refined facial feature detection and more.

Functions of Intelligent Skin Analyzer

The Intelligent Skin Analyzer analyzes your response to a series of questions about age, skin type and skin concerns. You discover an ideal skin regimen that will enhance the beauty of your skin everyday.

  • 1.Fine lines and wrinkles 

  • 2.Hyperpigmentation (age/dark spots) 

  • 3.Enlarged pores 

  • 4.Skin tone evenness (color variation) 

  • 5.Porphyrins (evidence of bacterial growth) 

  • 6.Sun damage (UV spots)

Advantages of Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

Skin analysis provides an opportunity to address the skin issues you’ve been worrying about for the longest time.

Features of Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

  • Measure multiple skin features:

  • Intelligent Skin Analyzer is versatile and rich in features. It is the only product currently available on the market that can analyse wrinkles, texture, volumes, skin colour, redness and pigmentation. These features will help you to make the most of all the different treatments you offer.

  • Fast software and user-friendly interface:

  • Image acquisition is incredibly fast and user interface is very intuitive. Images can be taken in less than one second and saved, analysed and generated as a report in about 90 seconds. Our software is very easy to use and does not require a lengthy training.

  • Quantitative assessment of treatments’ results:

  • Comparison of “Before & After” images is easy and immediate. Prove to your patients a 55% reduction in pigmentation, rather than relying on an uncertain visual judgement.

  • Skin texture and wrinkles

  • Perform real quantitative measurements of the skin surface. Measure the texture of the skin, and the length, width and depth of fine lines, wrinkles and folds.

  • Image export:

  • Export JPEG images for use in your PowerPoint presentations and publications


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Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine Common Problem

  • What is a Skin Analysis?

    A skin analysis is the process of understanding the current and past history of your skin, this may involve sebum, keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, spots, and moisture tests. Most professionals such as; dermatologists, aesthetic clinics, cosmetic clinics, spas, and skincare companies are utilizing diagnostic tools or devices to conduct these tests.

  • When Should You Get A Skin Analysis

    Once a month is the ideal. However if you’re serious about your skin health and want to know whether the products that you’re using are working, then having it twice a month ensures that you can monitor your skin’s progress. Many factors affects your skin analysis – stressful events, food and liquid intakes, exercise choices, and environmental exposures like humidity or outdoor activities will contribute to internal cell changes. Internal changes will eventually progress into external or visual changes. The skin is an dynamic and constantly changing organ, and its nutrient requirements also change over the year. Knowing the current state of your skin will help you understand its needs and by addressing these needs you’ll achieve that glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

  • Working Theory of Skin Analysis

    The process of skin analysis involves delving deep into your skin history and taking the skin data of the following; sebum, pores, keratin, impurities, spots, moisture, and wrinkles. This process normally involves capturing micro-zoom high-resolution images, every person is unique that’s why personal information such as; age, gender, and skin type are also important contributing factors to the results of the analysis.

  • How Long Skin Analysis Process Take?

    An in-depth skin analysis normally takes 15 minutes, however depending on the provider of the service and the kind of skin analyzer that they are using, it can take as short as 2 minutes. This may involve taking images, asking questions about your skin history and analyzing the results of the tests.

  • What are the benefits of skin analysis?

    Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots, flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems.

    • Identifying the different skin types such as oily, dry, sensitive or a combination
    • We can address hidden sun damage, pigmentation, blocked pores, wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Your salon treatment and home-care is 100% tailored to your needs and will start preventing and treating your skin issues.
    • It will allow you to stop signs of damage before they reach the surface of your skin.
    • Helping tailor a skincare and treatment plan
    • Giving a picture of the current state of your skin
    • Determining your risk factors for skin problems

  • How much is a Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

    The price of the skin analyzer is based on different configurations, and the price will vary depending on the configuration; please consult our customer service for a quotation form for a Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine

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