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Co2 Laser Therapy Machine
Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser image Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser Machine price Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser Machine price Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser Machine price Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser Machine price Radio Frequency (RF) fractional Co2 laser Machine price

Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser

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Product Video

Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Operation Video


Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Theory

CO2 lasers produce light at a 10,600nm wavelength, which is absorbed by water in the tissue. The laser energy heats up the water until it reaches a boiling point causing the evaporation of the affected tissue. Some heat is absorbed by tissue, causing tissue coagulation as well as thermal stimulation of deep skin layers, which induces fibroblast stimulation and neocollagenesis (the formation of new collagen). 

In general, laser resurfacing is a method of reducing wrinkles, scars and blemishes. By using a laser to remove the outermost surface of the skin, laser resurfacing offers the skin a chance to regrow into a glowing, unblemished surface. Laser resurfacing also stimulates collagen growth underneath the skin. With increased collagen, wrinkles are filled in, reducing or eliminating their appearance.a

Science and Technology

Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Science and Technology

The ADSS CO2™ laser performs safe and effective non-ablative fractional procedure for deep skin resurfacing. The treatment method is based on the controlled and gentle removing of the epidermis along with particular portions of the dermis skin layer. The power of laser heats and carefully damages the skin to trigger neocollagenesis. As a result skin becomes tighter and smoother. During the heating the surrounding skin stays intact, so the wounds heal quickly allowing the patient to recover rapidly.

Drammatic Results with Quick and Comfortable Treatment ADSS CO2 Fractional Laser allows to perform precision treatments responding to high demand on the aesthetic market The recovery is minimized due to low-traumatic tehnique of the treatment CarbonFrax CO2 with adjusteble setting and applicators deeply penetrates the skin to produce safe and lasting results.

This treatment will stimulate:

  • 1.introvaginal tightening

  • 2.collagen contraction

  • 3.rejuvenation and restructuring

  • 4.neocollagenesis

  • 5.mucosa microcirculation improvement

  • increased cell secretion


Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Function

1.Fractional model: reduces various scars( hypertrophic scars, depressed scars, bums, operation scars etc.) reduces seborrhetic keratosis, age pigment freckle, wrinkle, and uneven holes, skin rejuvenation.

2.Vaginal Mode: 3600 cone-shaped probe, solution for vaginal relaxation syndrome

Vaginal tightening improved 60%

Vaginal moisture increased 80%

Vulva pigmentation reduced 70%

Anti- Vaginitis 

3.CO2 Cutting Mode: treatment for epidermal moles,vascular granuloma, fat granule, warts.

Tighten vagina-Fast tightening, lasting constriction, tightness to improve 60%;

Clean the vagina-Deep anti-aging, young level to improve 80%;

Moist vagina-Improving secretion, moisture level to improve 80%

Pink vagina-Vulva rejuvenation, lighten pigment and pinks labia parts, delicate degree to improve 70%.


Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Advantages

1.Multi-functional: 3 in 1 system ( Fractional + VRL + CO2) for multi applications, high return investment

2.Safe treatment: Totally safe and VRL system tested by hundreds women in the world, the ideal wavelength is absorbed by the mucous membrane micron, to avoid any thermal damage by deep tissue or organ.

3.Fast treatment: Each treatment less than 30 minutes and 1-3 times treatment can completely solve the skin and vaginal problems

4.Effective treatment: Effective for all women who have the losen vaginal and effective for prevention of gynecological inflammation, and effective for all people who have problems skins such as acne scars, strech marks, large pores

5.Painless treatment:Walk-in/Walk-out VRL procedure, no anesthesia needed

6.Fractional system has 7 scanning shape and 3 scannning method, the docor can adjust the scanning shape size bigger or smaller during treatment according to the treated areas, and minimize the risk of hypopigmentation.

7.No need to change water monthly, easy to maintance.

8.Germany TUV medical CE and FDA approved 10600nm wavelength laser 40w system

9.USA Coherent laser generator ensures the high level and good quality.

10.Korea laser generator ensures the light loss rate less than 12%.

11.Taiwan Meanwell power supply, ensures the stable and enough power supply during treatment, long lifespan.

12.Together with machine order, we’ll supply professional operation training and protocols are available.

Treatments Videos

Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Operation Video

Before & After the Treatments

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment results
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Before&After
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Before&After

Physician Benefits

Physician Benefits
  • 1.Variable applicators for precision treatments

  • 2.Targeted and efficient procedures

  • 3.Adjustable treatment patterns

  • 4.Safe and effective treatment for all areas, including delicate

  • 5.Multifaceted high demand treatments

  • 6.Fast return on your investments

Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

Patients can return to their daily routine with little downtime, if any at all. Dramatic reduction of the post traumatic and post acne scars after single treatment. Impressive improvement of collagen production for visually youthful, healthy glow in the skin. Safe and successful reduction of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Fractional Co2 Laser

Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser

Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser

Co2 Laser Therapy Machine



Working mode

Continuous/Ultrapulse/Non-Sequential Pulse

Treatment heads Specification

Fractional head/Vaginal head/ vulva treatment head/Pulse treatment heads*2(50mm/100mm)Optional(Vaginal cervical erosion head, Vaginal leakage of urine head)



Pulse width

0.1-10ms adjustable  Step 0.1ms


DC Closed RF laser generator

Indicator light

635nm infrared

Laser origin


Cooling system




LCD Display

15 inch 16-bit colour LCD Display

Scanning Graphics

Square, rectangle, circle, diamond, triangle, ellipse, linear


110V-240V AC





Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Manufacturer Price

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Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Certificates

ADSS Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser has FDA, (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO 13485, Utility Model Patent Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser USA
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser CE
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser TUV CE
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser CELAB
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser Enc
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser FDA

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Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Co2 Laser

Customer Benefits

  • Instant visual results

    after treatments

  • Safe and effective technologies

    without downtime

  • Save clients time

    each treatment lasts about 15-25 mins

Customer Benefits

Cosmetologist Benefits

  • Fast return on your investment

    and stable income

  • Free one-to-one training

    international gold medal certified beauticians

  • 24 months warranty

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