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Professional Production and Sales Disposable civil mask, Medical mask, Medical surgical mask, KN95 mask,protective suit


ADSS Is the professional manufacturer of aesthetics & Medical laser machines and of non-woven medical protective equipment, ADSS has its own research & development center, clinic, sales and after-sales departments;

The Company has passed the ISO13485 international quality system certification, the product has obtained CE certification (EU medical device certification), FDA US Food and Drug Administration audit, China medical device production license, product registration certificate, etc.

  • 24/7 Hours Support.
  • More Than 20 Mask Production Lines
  • More Than 200 Sets Of Various Clothing Production Equipment
  • Leading Technology Service.
  • Quality Team Always Ready To Help.
  • An Annual Output Of More Than 200 Million Masks, Protective Clothing.

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Our mask products include disposable face mask, all kinds of medical mask, kn95 mask and so on. ADSS also has the ability to export face mask machine manufactured in China. Presently, our products are delivered to more than thirty countries.

Medical Surgical Face Masks

The Disposable Medical Mask is a uniquely designed pleated 3-ply, 4-folder face mask, ear-loop or tie-on is available. All materials are non-irritant, odorless. Prevention of virus, allergy, air pollution. Protection against flu, disease, influenza, coronavirus.

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Medical Mask KN95

KN95 masks are a type of masks that meet Chinese standards, and N95 are a type of masks that use international standards. The biggest difference between the two is just the different names. They both represent a type of mask with a filtering efficiency of more than 95% for non-oily particles in the air.

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Medical Isolation Gown

Isolation clothes, also known as clean work clothes, purification clothes, dust-free clothes, aseptic clothes, anti-static tooling, dust-free work clothes, insulation work clothes, protective clothing, etc.This product is a medical disposable isolation clothing, using SMS non-woven fabric as the main raw material, made by cutting and sewing.It is used to prevent medical staff from being contaminated by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances during work contact. It can also be used as protective equipment to protect patients from infection. It is a two-way isolation protection.

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Medical Protective Clothing

Medical protective clothing is a special medical device. Its manufacturing process and inspection standards are very strict. Its main performance indicators have been discussed internationally before a set of reasonable and strict standards has been formulated. Medical protective clothing must have Versatility, that is, liquid barrier properties, including water resistance, moisture permeability, synthetic blood penetration and water level; breaking strength and elongation at break; filtration efficiency: flame retardant properties, antistatic properties, etc. . Such as: the breaking strength of the protective clothing fabric should be not less than 45N, the filtering efficiency of protective clothing for non-oily particles is not less than 70%, the charge of protective clothing should not be greater than 0.6uC, and the level of water on the outside of the protective clothing should not be less than GB / T 4745-1997 level 3 requirements and so on.

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Electronic Digital Thermometer With Lcd Display

This thermometer uses infrared technology, able to measure your temperature when 3-5 cm away from your forehead, never worry about disturbing a sleeping baby. Non-contact measuring is helpful to avoid cross-infection..

This forehead thermometer has a three-color backlit display, which can not only be used in the dark but also better understand the body temperature based on these three colors. A green screen indicates normal body temperature, orange indicates fever, and red indicates a high fever.

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Our Services

Our factory can produce disposable mask,Protective Suit,medical mask and KN95 mask with CE and ISO certificate. Our Protective Supplies will be exported to the globe.

Quality Control

We have been focusing on the enhancement of quality control, providing excellent service.

Efficient protection

Our produced masks have multi-layer design, which can filter the 0.3 micron particulate.

Checking Equipment

advanced computer-controlled machines, and blameless checking equipment for the mask products.


We have passed ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP quality management system, FDA and CE certification.

Export to the world

Our daily production capacity of facial mask is 2000,000 pcs.We have quick delivery for customers from the world.

Shiping by Air

Our goal is to deliver masks to our customers at the lowest cost in the first time.


The company has 160000square meters of modern production plant, with a strong R & D team and advanced equipment R & D center. Guided by scientific and technological innovation.


ADSS Company gained a number of domestic and international medical certificates for his different equipment, such as (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO 13485, Utility Model Patent Certificate, and Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate, Permits for Medical Device Production Enterprises and High-Tech Enterprise Certificate..