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  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT image
  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT Before & After result image
  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT image
  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT Before & After result image

Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BP

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Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BPTheory

SHR is a new technology of permanent hair removal, with target pure wavelength , which works in a high repetition rate of short pulses ,by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth painlessly, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.


Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BPFunction

age spots 

sun damage



varicose veins

broken blood vessels on your face


hair on your face, neck, back, chest, legs, underarms, or bikini line


Skin Analysis and Consultation (20mins) - free of charge

Full face

Cheeks and nose


Decolletage (chest)




Spot areas (up to 10 shots)


Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BPAdvantages
  • 1.handles- dual wavelength filtrate. The light which comes out will be much purer, more effective and less pain;

  • 2.These special wavelengths film made by most professional Germany device, the cost is 2.2 times than others which made by Chinese ones ;

  • Handle 1 :

  • 530nm-950nm -1200nm for skin rejuvenation , pigment removal , breast lift up and vascular treatment ;

  • Handle 2 :

  • 610nm-950nm-1200nm for hair removal ;

  • 3.Spot size : 10*50mm;

  • 4.pain free, more comfortable :

  • 5.compared to the traditional IPL, they are multi-pulse ; painful ;

  • 6.SHR is single pulse Single pulse output, narrow pulse width, totally painless;

  • 7.suitable for all skins , including tanned skin ;

  • 8.faster : SHR can reach 10 HZ frequency repeat, much faster; save time ;

  • 9.longer life : compared with traditional IPL only own 60,000-120,000 shots, SHR can reach 1,000,000 shots ;

  • 10.Two handles can reach 2,000,000 shots ;

Before & After

  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BPBefore&After
  • Portable IPL Super Hair Removal OPT-BPTreatment results
Display  8.4 inch colorful touch screen
Power 2500W
RF frequency 10MHz
RF energy 1-50J
IPL energy SHR:1-15J / E-LIGHT:1-50J
Number of pulses SHR:1个 1T / E-LIGHT:1-6个 1-6T
Pulse frequency SHR:1-10Hz
Discharge interval E-LIGHT:1-4s
Number of handles 2 pcs
Spot size 10*50mm
Lifespan of lamp 1 million shots
Cooling System Air+water+semiconductor
Cooling temperature 0~10℃
Voltage 110V~240V AC
Machine dimension 610*370*520mm   
Package dimension 760*560*630mm
Net/Gross Weight 37.5KG/60KG