Q-Switch ND YAG pigmented lesions removal system,FG2010-C

  • Model NO FG2015
  • Type Q-Switch ND YAG Laser
  • Supply Ability

    1000 sets per month

  • Delivery Method

    by air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea


    professional design services with the most reasonable expense

  • order

Rejuvenation of benign cutaneous lesions, such as warts, scars, striae and Psoriasis; birthmark; tattoo removal, dark ink (black & blue), eyebrow or body; lentigines, nevus

Safety Features:
The System provides adequate safety features to ensure that the system is operated properly, such as key switch, emergency stop switch, internal safety interlock, protective housing, and alarm System.The system can be immediately shut down in the case of emergency, terminating laser energy emission by pushing the red, mushroom-shaped emergency stop switch. the red switch is used to switch off power on emergency. Press it can switch off the power right now. Wrest it clockwise, the machine will be go on working. Or the machine keeps turning off.

1.Electro-optic Q-switch Nd Yag Laser, releases real single pulse of laser energy. Really achieve to painless treatment and micro-injury to skin 
2.The laser generator, keep spot round and powerful energy output
3.The 7-articulated arm ensures laser focus on protecting away from polarization

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